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Grain edge analysis (quantitative metallographical analysis)

The functionality includes determining and reconstructing grain sizes (intercept methods), phase analysis (planimetric) and the standardized counting of nonmetallic inclusions. The work is conducted in accordance with the standards and regulations of ASTM E112, DIN 50601, JIS G-551, ASTM E45, DIN 50602 as well as JIS G-552.

Intercept method

The line intercept method works with all standardized line patterns and determines the grain size based on the average cutting length. Analyses can be performed on etched grain edges as well as grain surfaces.


The planimetric measuring method determines grain size through the surface of the grains. A prerequisite for the automatic analysis is that the grain edges are closed. This is why we utilize the planimetric method with a powerful algorithm for the reconstruction of grain edges. The planimetric method which uses grains enables analyses that go far beyond standard conditions. This way, bimodal G-values, G-values of sandwich-layers, G-value-histograms and elongation are calculated.

Microscopic image of a metallographical specimen

Reconstruction of grain edges

Calculation of the grain size