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Sugar Analysis

M.A.S… developed the “sugar analysis” module for the quality control of sugar.

This is routinely applied in the quality control of a major sugar manufacturer.

The dimensionality of single sugar crystals is analyzed. The total particle size distribution is determined from different micro- and macro-measurements. The crystal’s particle size distribution is then used to calculate the parameters of the RRSB distribution as well as what the specific values are. The data is saved in a database and a report is generated.

The sugar analysis module contains the following functions:

  • Support of motor actuated XYZ tables
  • Fully automatic image acquisition
  • Computation of thickness for determining the examined volume
  • Automatic particle analysis with including automatic separation of crystals in contact with one another and the distinction between crystals and air bubbles
  • Classification
  • Conflation of different micro- and macro-measurements to a total measurement dependent on the examined volume.
  • Calculation of the RRSB distribution, RRSB parameters and specific values, like the specific number and size of particles.
  • Storage of data in a database and generation of a report