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J & K Consulting

As from April 2014, J & K Consulting GmbH and Material Analytischer Service (M.A.S...) have formed a new strategic partnership; covering the entire range of services in the field of optical control for parenteral production.

Within this partnership, J & K Consulting GmbH offers the following services:

Project support for optical control of parenterals

  • Identification and definition of validation strategies
  • Risk assessments to identify cosmetic deviations and particle risks
  • Creation of specific product error-catalogs
  • Qualification of testing personnel
  • Qualification benchmarked according to Ph. Eur. and USP
  • Qualification of semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines
  • Validation of optical control
  • Creation of SOPs for the compliant implementation of optical test methods
  • Verification of test methods
  • www.j-k-consulting.de